Who doesn’t love going out camping on long weekends with your family and friends, right? And while you may miss the comfort of your bed and home, a camping tent is the closest you’ll come to it.

Just like your home, the main task of the best camping tents is to keep you protected from rain, snow, and storms but how do you find these tents?

Well, if you’re planning a road trip with your loved ones and need a camping tent, you are in the right place. Below we cover the top 10 camping tents for 2018 and a detailed buyer’s guide so your camping tents become your home away from home.

1Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

This nine person instant cabin tent features stress-free setup in 60 seconds! The poles are pre-attached to the tent- just unpack, unfold, and extend.


2Browning Camping Big Horn 2-Room Tent

The Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent is two-room camping tent with a sturdy construction.

3Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

The Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent is designed for quick and easy setup, so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Don’t want to be stuck setting up the tent for hours while your friends kick-start the party and dancing, right? Well, guess what? With the Core 9-person camping, you won’t have to either.

Like its name suggests, this one’s an instant tent and takes only about 60 seconds to set up. With the integrated fold system, it’s a three step setup. Simply, unpack, unfold, adjust and voila, it’s done.

Also, it’s 14 x 9-floor plan and 6ft ceiling means it can fit in 9 of you without cramping anybody up (even if you’re standing). And if that wasn’t impressive, there’s actually ample room to fit in 2 queen size air mattresses.

Additionally, if you’re looking for some privacy, the room divider is built for just that and with the wall storages, you can keep your personal belongings off the tent floor.

It’s H20 Block tech teamed up with the water-resistant fabric ensures all the water runs off and doesn’t seep in and rainfly keeps you dry on the inside.

Also, the rainfly can be removed during hot and humid conditions, underneath which lies a mesh ceiling and windows for better ventilation (and just like that, you get a clear view of the might hills and mountains around you too).

Lastly, there are multiple large doorways to allow you easy entry and exit from the tent so you don’t end up stomping your friends at night.

On the downside, it’s going to cost you above $200 but considering durability, space, privacy, and protection it offers, every penny is well spent making this the best family tent on the list.

What we liked

  • It’s water resistant
  • Has ample room for sitting and standing (9-persons)
  • Takes only 60 seconds for setting up
  • Multiple doorways for easy entry/exit
  • Removable rainfly for hot and humid conditions

What we disliked

  • Expensive but worth the premium price tag

Bottom Line

This nine person instant cabin tent features stress-free setup in 60 seconds! The poles are pre-attached to the tent- just unpack, unfold, and extend.

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Browning Camping Big Horn 2-Room Tent

If you’ve got a big fat family and need something roomier, this 12-person tent checks all the boxes.

It’s a free-standing tent which means you can easily move it around when need be without having to fold and pack it (so no setup needed all the time).

This 12-person tent provides ample room for both sitting and standing, a divider so you have all the privacy you need and large doorways for easy entry/exit.

And if the weather becomes too hot for you, the mesh windows and roof should provide you with the right amount of ventilation.

The rainfly in combination with the guy ropes and the steel uprights means the tent stands tall in the face of even the worst of weathers. And adding to that durability is the nylon flooring and the factory seals.

Lastly, it also comes with various pockets which allows you to store all your important belongings safely.

On the negative side, we would have preferred aluminum poles over fiberglass poles as they are more durable.

And yup, the price range is on the higher side but considering the comfort and convenience, we wouldn’t think twice.

What we liked

  • It accommodates 12 people both sitting or standing
  • It’s all-weather proof
  • Comes with special storages pockets
  • Mesh windows and roof provide good ventilation in hot conditions
  • The Freestanding build makes setup easy

What we disliked

  • Comes with a premium price tag
  • The fiberglass poles lack durability

Bottom Line

The Browning Camping Big Horn Family/Hunting Tent is two-room camping tent with a sturdy construction.

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Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent

Need a camping tent on a budget? Then Coleman Sundome 4-person tent has got you well covered.

With its standout feature, the Dark Room Technology, you can sleep past sunrise without disturbance since it keeps out about 90% of the sunlight (perfect for the late night owls).

Furthermore, making your sleep comfortable it the tents ability to this maintain the right temperature in the interiors (warm and cozy, just the way you like it)

And keeping you dry during rain is the Weathertec system which keeps out water through excellent corner welds and covered seams. Plus, the frame has been tested to stand strong against winds as strong as 35-40 mph (now that’s mighty strong).

Lastly, packing/setting up the tent is a breeze and takes no more than a few minutes due to the patented pin and ring system and the snag-free suspension.

Like any budget model, the Coleman Sundome comes with its share of cons too. For starters, it isn’t the ideal tent if you’re a large group as it fits in only 3-4 people and doesn’t allow room to stand.

There are no additional storage pockets to store your belongings or walls in case you wanted a little privacy.

Plus, lack of multiple doors can make entry/exit a rocky road. But considering it will cost you less than $100, it’s the best bang for your buck.

What we liked

  • Dark Room Tech reduces sunlight by 90%
  • It also maintains optimal temperature for a better sleep
  • It’s weatherproof and highly durable
  • Packing and set up is a breeze

What we disliked

  • Lacks additional storage pockets
  • No room for standing

Bottom Line

The Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent is designed for quick and easy setup, so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

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Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent

While the Sundome makes a great budget pick, if you’re on the lookout for something stronger and more convenient, the Kelty Salida is just what the doctor ordered.

What we love most about the Salida are its foldable clip poles. This means from the setup to packing to even carrying the tent is a cake walk (yup, it easily fits into any backpack).

Secondly, clip poles are color coded to avoid any confusions and since it’s freestanding, you can move it to any preferred positions by simply picking it up.

The Polyester build means it can last you through any weather and with the mesh providing you plenty of ventilation it’s never going to be too hot inside.

Lastly, with internal storage pocket, you get instant access to all your personal belongings like your mobile or other important gear such as flashlight etc.

On the downsides, the Salida is only a 3-4 season tent and thus isn’t built for extremities like heavy snowfall or really strong winds.

Also, the smaller doorway means getting in and out is going to be uncomfortable during the night and neither is there enough room to stand.

But that apart, considering the ease of installation and carrying along with the great protection it offers, the Kelta Salida makes for an excellent mid-range camping tent.

What we liked

  • Easy to install, pack or even move around when setup
  • Can be folded and carried in your backpack
  • Provides the right amount of ventilation for hot weather
  • Keeps you dry during rains
  • Includes storage pockets for easy access to gear

What we disliked

  • Not built for heavy snowfall or strong winds
  • Entry and exit is difficult due to a smaller door
  • No room for standing

Bottom Line

The award-winning Salida tent weighs so little, you’ll almost forget it’s in your pack.

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ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

In the mood for a solo hike into the woods? Well, each of us can do with those soul-searching camping trips, right?

And to partner you on those we chose the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent and here’s why we consider it the best camping tent for solo travelers.

Setting up a tent doesn’t get any easier than with the Lynx as it’s a free-standing two-pole tent (it literally takes mere seconds).

The polyester build means the tent can easily handle light rainfalls and winds without any damage with the guy ropes providing added stability.

Furthermore, the sealed fly and flooring ensures none of the water or dust ever seeps inside

Also, since the walls and roof of the tent are mesh, so you can expect plenty of ventilation to keep the interior temperature pleasant.

Lastly, you also get a storage space so none of your belongings ever go missing and the one doorway is large enough for easy entry and exit.

While an excellent low price pick, the tent isn’t built for harsh weathers and thus should only be used seasonally.

Secondly, it provides no standing room and there’s always the risk of the zippers either breaking or malfunctioning.

What we liked

  • Excellent tent for solo travelers
  • Easy to set up and pack
  • Roof mesh and walls for adequate ventilation
  • Comes with a storage pocket and large doorway
  • Can easily handle light rains

What we disliked

  • Not built for harsh weather conditions
  • No standing room
  • Zippers may malfunction

Bottom Line

The Lynx 1 is loaded with features and is great for your solo getaway. With the freestanding design and pole clips that quickly attach to the aluminum poles, it sets up easily.

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Coleman Evanston Screen Tent

Are you a late night owl or an early morning birdie wanting to watch the majestic sunrise as you sip away your coffee? Well, with the Coleman Evanston you get the best of both worlds.

That’s because this 8-person tent comes with 2 rooms, one of which is a mesh screen room meant for comfortable viewing (also a great place for a sound sleep on a warm, humid night).

Furthermore, the mesh keeps out insects and bugs and in tandem with the awnings ensures there’s plenty of air circulation even at full capacity.

Also, with the WeatherTec System in action you remain nice and dry even during heavy rains and since the rainfly is removable, on cold winter days, the additional sunlight helps create the warm fuzzy feeling we so love.

The Evanston also features pockets so you can keep your personal stuff and important gear close to you and the polyester build means it can last you for years if handled with care.

While there isn’t much to fault about the Evanston we found its 15 minutes set up time a little annoying.

But considering the level of ventilation, surreal views and comfort the Evanston provides, it’s an excellent mid-range family tent.

What we liked

  • Comes with screen room so you can enjoy the view
  • Also makes for a comfortable sleeping area during hot conditions
  • It is waterproof and has removable rainfly for additional sunlight
  • Awnings and mesh provide all the ventilation needed
  • Includes pockets for easy storage of important accessories

What we disliked

  • Takes 15 minutes to set up

Bottom Line

This roomy tent has enough space to fit 2 queen-size airbeds and lets you stretch out thanks to its 5-foot 8-inch center height.

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Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent

Whether it is backpacks or camping tents, Teton Sports is brand you will often come across when talking about outdoor accessories and here’s why their Mountain Ultra Tent makes it to our roundup.

You want your tent to be lightweight for easy carrying and Mountain Ultra is exactly that without compromising much on durability.

The set up takes minutes (you can do it all by yourself) and moving the tent is easy peasy once done as it’s a freestanding tent and ultralight to carry.

Considering the rainfalls are light, the camping tent does an excellent job of keeping you dry with its rainfly.

And the cutaway vents on the rainfly work well with the mesh roof ensuring you get not only optimal air circulation going but the opportunity to gaze at the star-lit sky as well.

The aluminum poles are durable and the vestibule large enough to safely store your gear or even backpack. Plus, there are 2 doorways which makes entry/exit simpler.

On the downsides, the tent is a little tight on space and even the biggest of the sizes doesn’t provide room for standing.

The zippers malfunction after few uses and material of the tent itself has been reported by users to tear off.

That aside, if you’re an individual and need a lightweight, easy to setup up tent for occasional camping, the Mountain Ultra is a great alternative.

What we liked

  • Installation takes minutes and can be done by one person
  • Provides excellent ventilation and view
  • Comes with 2 doors for easy entry and exit
  • There’s plenty of storage space available
  • It’s lightweight and thus easy to carry

What we disliked

  • Zippers may give out after few uses
  • Tent material may tear up if exposed to harsh weather
  • Slightly tight on space

Bottom Line

The Teton Mountain Ultra micro-mesh tent provides the perfect ventilation that cuts down considerably on the condensation build up.

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Coleman Instant Screenhouse

One thing’s clear when it comes to camping tents, Coleman’s hard to keep off the list and this screen house model is proof why it’s the best camping tent brand in the market.

The main reason we say that is because of the Screen House build of the tent which means you get a clear view of your surrounding from every side.

And neither do you have to spend hours setting it up as it takes no more than 2-3 minutes (told you, it’s a dream tent).

Secondly, the tent is built using Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric which means it not only keeps away bugs but harmful UV rays and fast winds as well.

Also, carrying the tent is made easy with the help of a wheel carry bag provided with the tent and with the 2 large doors you can enter or exit the tent from anywhere you wish.

But for all its great features, there’s one major flaw with the tent, it’s not waterproof (though a waterproof spray should work really well).

Also, the poles etc. lack the durability of the high-end models and thus it makes for a great tent only if you’re an occasional camper or if you’re there just for the view.

What we liked

  • Provides an all-around view of the surroundings
  • Easy setup
  • Wheeled bag makes transportation a breeze
  • Good build means it can withstand light winds and sunlight

What we disliked

  • It’s not waterproof
  • Lacks the durability of high-end models

Bottom Line

The Coleman Back Home Instant Screenhouse assembles in three minutes in just three steps to create a shady, bug-free area outdoors.

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Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

While not the most popular brand on their list, the Wenzel 8-person Klondike tent is sure to be a favorite soon and here’s why we believe that.

One reason for that is again the Screen room. But the screen room isn’t all about the view. It keeps out bugs and provides excellent ventilation so you enjoy home-like comfort even in the wild.

Further adding to that are awnings and mesh roof which ensures the other room remains equally vented (it’s all about comfort after all).

Also, since it comes with a good rainfly, you can be sure to remain dry during light rains while the armor polyester build keeps out sunlight and dust.

While its large enough to provide ample standing room, when folded, the tent fits into its carry bag so you never feel the burden of carrying it.d

But the Klondike is only a 3 season tent and not suited for harsh weather which may result in tear and leakage.

All in all, if you’re in for scenic beauty, the Wenzel Klondike is sure to leave you impressed.

What we liked

  • Large screen room for easy viewing and comfortable sleep on hot days
  • Provides excellent ventilation with help of awnings and mesh roof
  • Keeps out light rainfall and dust
  • Has plenty of room for standing
  • Easy to carry as it’s light and comes with a carry bag

What we disliked

  • Is only a 3 season tent thus not meant for harsh weather conditions
  • Slightly expensive considering it’s only a 3 season tent

Bottom Line

Great for camping with family or friends, the Wenzel Klondike measures 16-feet by 11-feet.

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Night Cat Easy Instant Pop Up Camping Tent

We told you we like tents that are easy to set up, we’re in there for the fun after all, isn’t it? But the easy setup is just one of the reasons we like the Night Cat Camping Tent, there’s more to this final pick.

Making this setup and take down a breeze is the hydraulic pressure mechanism which means you put literally 0 effort into the process (no laborious work needed with this tent).

The Rainfly is one of the most versatile parts of the tent. Yup, it protects you from light rainfall but also be used a pavilion if you’re out fishing.

With 2 doors, entry and exit from the tent can be made without causing any disturbance even when at full capacity i.e. 4-persons

The mesh fabric keeps out insects, provides a decent amount of ventilation and also ensures the tent doesn’t buckle under light winds.

You also get a few inner pockets that can hold your mobile, wallets etc. while the dual zippers mean the tent is accessible from both sides (so you aren’t locked outside, ever).

On the downsides, let’s admit it, it’s only a 3 season tent so we’d recommend you don’t test the limits with this one.

Secondly, the ventilation is comparatively lesser than our other picks but ideal if you’re going camping in the cold.

Lastly, the poles are made of fiberglass which means they won’t last you as long as the aluminum poles do.

In the end, if you’re a family of 3-4 and just want to hang out once in a while, getting the Night Cat camping tent makes sense as it will cost you less then $100.

What we liked

  • The hydraulic mechanism makes installation easy
  • 2 large doors and zipper on both sides for easy entry/exit
  • Inner pockets make storing necessities easy
  • High-density mesh fabric can withstand light storms and keeps insects out
  • Rainfly works well in light rains and can be used as a pavilion too

What we disliked

  • Less ventilation as compared to other picks
  • Poles are made of fiberglass thus less durable
  • Only a 3 season tent and won’t withstand extreme weathers

Bottom Line

One tent, two use: the rain fly can be separated as a pavilion for other use such as camping, beaching, hiking, fishing, etc.

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Camping Tent Buying Guide

Below we list some of the features we’ve based our reviews on and are a must if you’re looking for the best camping tent.

Sleeping Capacity

The first and foremost thing is to figure out the tent size you need. From price to the comfort offered, it can all vary as per the size of the tent. Camping tents are available as 2-person, 4-person to even 10-person tents and more. But these sizes only provide a snug fit, if you really want a comfortable tent, take into account these questions as well.

• What’s the size of each individual?
• Is any of you claustrophobic in small spaces?
• Do you twist and turn off while asleep?

A great hack to find a comfy tent is to simply pick a tent a size up than needed.


When it comes to seasonality, there mainly 4 types of tents.

3-season tent

The most commonly bought camping tents, these are built for occasional camping in ideal weather conditions. They come with ample mesh to keep the insects at bay and a rainfly so you remain dry even during light rains.

But if you’re planning a camp and expect heavy thunderstorms or snowfall, you’d probably want to look for a bigger, stronger tent.

3-4 Season Tents

The main difference between these and 3 season tents is the presence of 1-2 extra poles and less mesh. This makes the 3-4 season tents more durable and warmer but like the 3 seasons tents, they too lack the durability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

4 Season Tents

Now, these tents are for the real pros. These all-weather tents can brave heavy snowfall or even the harshest of winds, but how? For this purpose, the tents come with more poles and are built using more durable fabrics.

Furthermore, the lesser mesh panels and a rainfly that can be extended to the ground keep you dry during heavy rains. Plus, the dome-shaped rooftops ensure no snow or water gets collected on top either.

For all their excellent features, these tents do compromise a little on ventilation but nothing that should bother you too much.

Peak Height

If you don’t intend to remain seated the entire time you are in the tent, then finding one with a good peak height is a must.

You can either opt for a cabinet type tent or a dome-shaped tent. The cabinet tents have vertical walls and thus offer more room to move around (just like a mini house). They also include comforts like dividers, awnings, and doors.

On the hand, while a dome-like tent offers great protection against snowfall, rain, and winds, it’s likely to be cramped up for space and doesn’t offer any of the frills the cabinet type tents offer.

Tent Poles

The number of poles has a huge bearing on the setup time. The lesser the poles, the quicker is the setup. Apart from that, poles which can be clipped rather than threaded too tend to speed up the setup process.

But we’d suggest you opt for a combination of both. That’s because these offer better balance, durability, and ventilation.

But if you’re looking for something even faster and on the go, well, you’re in luck. Many of the family tents these days tend to be freestanding so they can be carried anytime and anywhere without having to fold them each time.

Tip: Aluminum poles are more durable compared to fiberglass poles.


Tents with high denier fabric should be the go-to tents. That’s because the canopy and rainfly on these tents are more rugged and better suited to withstand harsh weather. Similarly, a flooring made of such material reduces chances of a leak.


We all love tents with a mesh since they provide a great view but there’s more to them than just that. The mesh helps with ventilation and thus often makes up the roof, doors, and windows so you remain cool as a cucumber even during hot and humid conditions.

Tent Doors

If you’re a group of 5-6 going out camping, getting a tent with multiple doors is advantageous. This ensures you don’t have to climb on top of your family or friends in case you get a midnight nature’s call. Cabinet type tents offer more doors as compared to dome-shaped tents.

Other Features

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the tent should also have a rainfly so you stay protected from rain, guy loops for increased stability and strength during heavy storms and adequate floor space. A tent being lightweight will make carrying it easy too.


Camping tents are going to be your home in the wild that is why it’s important to choose one with the right specs even it means spending the big bucks.

Make sure you have a clear idea of factors like the weather, number of people going etc. and purchase accordingly so you have the time of your life without having to burn a hole in the pocket.


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